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The 2015 Northeast Alabama FCA Staff with NFL Quarterback Colt McCoy
From left to right: Ken Burnett, Angie Burnett, Walt Guest, Pam Chambliss, Madison Wood, Colt McCoy, Matt Herring, Gary Serrett, Jamie Strange, Molly Kitts, and Ralph Keel.

   Ken and Angie Burnett began the Northeast Alabama chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in October 2004. With Ken as the only paid staff member, the Burnetts began their ministry to campus, coaches, and community in the northeast Alabama area. Over the past ten years, the NE AL FCA ministry has grown to include five counties, seven full-time staff members, and three part-time staff members.

   About NE AL FCA
· NE AL FCA ministers to 164 schools, approximately 124,000 students, with 131 campus huddles, 44 coaches huddles and 10 community huddles.
· 1600 students, ages 7-18, attended NE AL FCA camps in 2014. 374 of these students publicly dedicated or rededicated their lives   to Christ. 1700 students are expected to attend NE AL FCA camps in 2015.
· A total of 1200 high school students attended Iron Bowl Prayer Breakfasts in 2014.
· Over 300 coaches attended our coaches’ breakfasts during the 2014-2015 school year, with 45 of these coaches attending the Coach/Spouse Time Out Weekend in January 2015.
· Our summer intern program has grown from a class of twenty-five students in 2011 to a class of fifty-five students in 2015.

   Within the next five years, NE AL FCA hopes to add over seven additional staff members in order to more thoroughly minister to northeast Alabama. With these additions to staff, it is the prayer of NE AL FCA that Christ may be further proclaimed in schools and communities through the influence of athletes and coaches.


Ken Burnett

Area Director Northeast Alabama

256-536-7333 (Office)

256-200-0655 (Cell)

Ralph Keel

Director of Coaches Ministry

256-536-7333 (Office)

256-653-5494 (Cell)

Gary Serrett

Director of Community Ministry

256-536-7333 (Office)

256-200-0563 (Cell)

Jamie Strange

Director of Camp Ministries

256-536-7333 (office)

256-312-0028 (cell)

Matt Herring

Director of Campus Ministries

256-536-7333 (Office)

256-653-4441 (Cell)

Pam Chambliss

Asst. Director of Campus and Director of Female Ministries

256-536-7333 (Office)

256-603-6638 (Cell)

Angie Burnett

Administrative Assistant

256-536-7333 (Office)

256-200-0212 (Cell)