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Eric and Sharon Alexander

Dr. Nathan and Robin Arp

Ray and Ronda Bellenfant

Dane and Jana Block

Scott and Cheri Butler

Michael and Jenny Cantrell

Mike and Trisha Carter

Steve and Pam Cash

Dr. Jamie and Lori Clark

Brian and Mary Ivy Cost

Todd and Mollie Cranford

Stan and Tammy Davis

Mark and Beth Falkenberg

Fred and Kim Fohrell

Ben and Anna Gamble

Ronnie and Melissa Harrison

Rob and Laura Hash

Todd and Monica Hayes

Scott and Carrie Johnson

Bryan and Kenda Johnson

Mike and DeeDee Johnston

Mike and Sharon Manley

Steve and Tammy McCurry

Zack and Chris Penney

Sid and Rhonda Pugh

Bret and Michelle Slaton

Rod and Linda Steakley 

Glenn and Karen Tillery

Mike and Amy Word